How to Remove Tonsilloliths

Tonsilloliths, commonly known as tonsil stones are small, mostly round shaped, yellowish or whitish solid mass that can be seen over the tonsillar tissue. It occurs after prolonged attack of tonsillitis. Bad breath is very common in a patient suffering from tonsilloliths for a long time.

Every patient suffering from tonsillitis will not develop tonsillolith. This is like a mystery of human body. There is absolutely no way to predict who will develop tonsillolith or who will be spared. Usually tonsillolith will develop in a person taking no care of his/her oral hygiene. But it is also seen that those persons developed tonsilloliths who regularly brushes teeth, floss them properly, uses mouthwash regularly and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Tonsil stones are rarely noticeable from outside. This is because these stones originate inside a small crypt inside the tonsillar tissue. It may also happen that the small stones may become coughed out unnoticeably. But for not those so fortunate people, tonsilloliths can be a real problem. Breathing like a hell, continuous sore throat and fever and malaise are the commonest symptoms.

If the tonsillolith can be seen from outside, you can take it out by using any scoop. Using a cotton swab is a better alternative. Never attempt to scratch your tonsil with your hand. It may either break the mass into smaller one or it may go deep inside the crypt. If you have any irrigative device like ‘Waterpick Irrigator’, flushing the tonsil with warm saline water may dislodge the tonsillolith in most of the occasions. Be sure not to keep the force of water too high. Otherwise, it may injure the spongy tonsillar tissue.

Gurgling with warm water mixed with powdered turmeric and black pepper is an age old theory to get rid of sore throat and bad breath.

Conventional anti allergy and cough suppressants are not useful to remove tonsilloliths. They can merely reduce the symptom and as you discontinue the medicines, the symptoms recur soon enough.

Only definitive treatment in allopathic medicine is surgical removal of the tonsillolith along with the affected tonsil. But it should be kept as the last resort as the post operative complication rate is quite high. There may be pain in the throat lasting for weeks, bleeding inside the mouth from the wound and there is also chance of infection of the operated site.

A simple 3-step Chinese herbal therapy is available for effective tonsilloliths removal. It eradicates the disease from the root and the relief is permanent.