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What is a typical day for a Physician Assistant?

A physician assistant will see patients on a typical day. He or she will diagnose and treat illnesses and consult with the MD on staff if there are concerns. Photo Credit: source Resource: what is a typical day for a physician assistant? – What is a typical day like? – what is a […]


Can I Eat Ricotta Cheese If I Am Pregnant?

Yes, you can eat Ricotta cheese if you are pregnant. It can be added to almost any food to make it taste better. It is commonly used in lasagna type meals. Photo Credit: link Resource: What Should I Eat When I am Pregnant? – what to eat with ricotta cheese? – how bad […]


Can I Give My Cat Aspirin?

Aspirin is not recommended for cats as they are more sensitive to it than dogs or humans. Cats break down aspirin slowly and can thus be easily overdosed with accumulation of the drug in the body. Photo Credit: Link Resource: How much aspirin can you give a cat? – What happens if you give […]


Can I Drink Alcohol With Zithromax?

It is not advisable to drink alcohol with Zithromax. This is due to the fact that it may affect the way your medicine works and it is advisable to tell your prescriber or health care professional if you normally use alcohol. Photo Credit: link Resource: How long should you wait to drink alcohol after taking […]


Can I Drink Vinegar to Flush Out My System?

Yes, you can. Only take a couple tablespoon of vinegar with water to flush out your system. It a good way to detox your body and it provides some key benefits as well. Photo Credit: Source Resource: how much vinegar should you drink to flush out your system? – How long does apple cider […]


Can I Drink Alcohol with Trimethoprim?

Although the effects of taking alcohol while on trimethoprim medication are still not known, it is generally advisable to avoid excessive or regular consumption of alcohol when on any type of medication. It is also advisable not to miss a dose of your medication just because you want to have a drink. Photo Credit: Link […]


Can I Give My Dog Cod Liver Oil?

Cod-liver oil has several benefits to the dogs health and is highly recommended. However, excess cod-liver oil supplement may be toxic to your dog. Ask your veterinarian for more advice. Photo Credit: 1 Resource: What is Cod Liver Oil? – what are the benefits of cod liver oil for dogs? – What is […]


Can I Get Sick from Eating Sushi?

Yes, it is possible to get sick from eating sushi if the sushi was not prepared properly. Pregnant women, children and immunosuppressed persons are not allowed to eat sushi. Photo Credit: link Resource: How to Eat Sushi? – What to Eat When Sick? – how to eat sushi properly? – how to […]